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Veneers can have a dramatic impact on the overall aesthetics of your smile.  This patient had battled with old bonding that was prone to chipping and staining.  With the placement of two porcelain veneers her smile was transformed.  Now she can smile with confidence!

IMG_3760Lab Work: Gaines Dental Lab

This patient came to us with a condition known as “peg laterals” which results in smaller and sometimes pointed lateral incisors.  Porcelain veneers were used to restore her teeth to their intended size and to complete her smile.

B Hines AFter

Lab Work: Gaines Dental Lab

This patient was self conscious of previous dental work that no longer matched as well as an older style implant restoration.  A combination of crowns and veneers were used to give this patient her confidence back in her smile. 

Tetracycline staining can be very resistant to traditional whitening.  Porcelain veneers were used to cover the discoloration as well as bring teeth into alignment. 

A bridge is a great option for replacement of missing teeth.  This patient had an existing bridge replacing a front tooth.  She had never been happy with the esthetic result and felt it did not match her adjacent teeth.  The bridge was replaced and crowns were added to give this patient the beautiful smile she always wanted.

Dental Implants

Implants are an excellent choice for single or multi tooth replacement.  This patient sustained trauma to his front teeth resulting in their loss.  With the placement of dental implants he no longer has to wear a removable appliance and is now able to eat and smile with confidence!

Shaw CompositeImplant placement: Dr. Garnett Brown

Lab Work: Gaines Dental Lab

Composite Resin

Lasers in Dentistry

This patient did not like the uneven appearance of her gums.  The laser was used to re contour her gums, giving a more symmetrical appearance.